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    Silky, shiny, gorgeous straight Brazilian hair is the number one texture hair that fits your everyday look. Our Brazilian straight is low maintenance with no tangling. This hair is wonderful for any occasion because you can wear this hair straight or curled. This texture has that "Go Shorty It's Ya Birthday" feeling like you're rocking the crowd.
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    Definition, perfection, romance, and sex appeal are all parts of what Brazilian curly has to offer. Our deep curly can be worn in it's natural state and when it's enhanced it brings out a sleek texture that can make you feel a little sassy. There is nothing wrong with a confident women who feels good about her hair and can leave a lasting impression. You "Go girl"
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    Gorgeous, simple, defined ocean wave texture that is soft with a lot of bounce. This hair is made to change your attitude because of it’s casual classy appearance. The body wave is always spotlight ready for you to hit the town with your homegirls and or red carpet. Get ready to say “Cheese” you are beautiful.

    • 100% Human Hair
    • Free of all chemicals
    • Continuous consistent pattern
    • Each bundle is 3.5 ounces